No Smoking Day
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Day 20& 21

:D Hi non smoking friends how is everybody doing today.

I had to laugh at destinys post about wind i have been suffering terribly, its continuous especially in the evening hopefully it will pass soon i bloody hope so.

Day 20

Had a day off so no gym, did a bit of shopping went into costa for a coffee and made the most of the sun, went for 3.5 mile run in the pm. But at 19:30 last night i had terrible panges and was dying for a ciggy and i was tempted to visit sainsburys but resisted, phoned my daughter and bless her cotton socks she was trying to keep my mind of smoking, i just had to get to 21:00 when sainsburys and local shop close then i would be safe, so after speaking to my daughter i made some t and toast to take my mind of ciggies then my brother rang and next thing i knew it was gone 9 so i was safe and lived to fight another day i was fine after that and went to bed at 10.

Day 21

Hucking Fell i made it to 21 days 3 weeks i am so pleased with myself especially after last night.

Dragged my sorry, tired and windy arse out of bed at 5 this morning and mde it to the gym did a session on the weights and felt great afterwards, glad no one else goes to the gym early as wind was bad this morning. Hopefully today will pass without any more pangs like last night but i suppose i cant complain i have been lucky had one bad day and an hour and half last night.

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hehehe Lovely post x x

I really should be more active on non gym days :rolleyes:

Well done for biding your time on the big crave :eek:

Great use of spoonerism :D lollol Bet everyone else was glad they wern''t at the gym this morning too!


Stay strong your doing great! your in the missing week 4 !! hehe next you can stride on up to month 2! ~Buffy x x


Oooh indeed! bone arse!

what cereal is it and does it taste nice?


Way to go Shell. You and I are on same days and I look forward to reaching the year mark with you. Oh and I think the wind thing is worst then the quitting lol...


Wind Thing

Guys and Dolls, listen if you want to pass wind (f...t) do so, its great, makes the belly go down hehe, it works for me, its anything I eat these days that does it, trouble is I work mostly with men (mmm....) and (sorry men) they just let rip, so if they can do it so can the girls. Have a great day all. Keep strong.

xxx Pupalup xxx:D


hmmmm hot bombay mix yummy :rolleyes:


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