No Smoking Day

New and on day 17

Hi. I,ve been looking at the site day by day for 17 days(almost 18) and have now decided to join and post what i have been experiencing. Just before i start, WOW what a great bunch and each day it gives me hope that i have given up fully and look forward to your comments each day. Well im on day 17 and my sleep is awful, im on 24hr patch (21mg) but take them off at night and still experience sleep problems but now without the vivid funny dreams! The last was one of myself trying to get off the slip rd onto main road pushin a shopping trolley trying to get to Asda:eek: .Can anyone tell me if mouths change and cause a bit of toothache because im now not inhaling on a fag?. The taste i have at the mo is odd, a bit of gum bleed when i brush is this all normal. I've had no sign of a cough and getting rid of the nasty stuff that i have read about so each day im waiting for it to happen lol. Really proud of myself and its been hard after smoking since 14yrs old (now34) and on 35 a day but each day gets better just by looking at what you are all going thru and knowing it helps me get thru the day so i can read the nexts days thread.


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Hi Cassy

Welcome aboard so glad you joined us and congrats on your quit. The sleep thing is normal and do get better with time all quitters seam to get trouble so not sure if it is the patch. I found the patch great for myself four months last sat 14/3 to 14/7 And i smoked 40 a day at least so it can be done HEHE. The gum bleed my partner had on his last quit but not everyone has all of the same things. Feel proud its a great thing your doing wish I had quit at your age and dont forget to treat yourself Linda xxxx


hi there

welcome to the site cazzy. well done sounds like your doing really well. yes your problems all fit into the normal withdrawal symptoms. im on day 17 also. and i too have not brought anything up that some people have experienced. there is a huge list of possible side effects and we all get different ones and different amounts of them, my previous quit symptoms were totally different to these ones i have this time round. keep it up your doing great!:)


Welcome aboard Cazzy x x

Well Done on 17 days !! yay

As above all is normal symptoms for a quit, though trying to get of the slip road with an asda trolley is kind of a new one on me! :p now had of been a sainsburys trolley, that would of been a different story all together, thats dead common :rolleyes:

Stay strong keep posting :)

~Buffy x x


Hi cazzy welcome to the forum and well done on kicking the habit, giving up a 35 a day habit is a huge deal, you should feel really proud. Well done you!:D



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