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No Smoking Day
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Quitters Needed for TV Health Show

We are looking for three keen individuals who wish to quit certain habits to improve their lifestyle, and do it in a fun and interesting way on a live heath show for Channel Five.

We want people who wish to quit...

1. Smoking, or

2. Alcohol, or

3. Chocolate

The show begins on Monday 30th July and runs for five weeks. We'll meet the 'Quitters' in week one and catch up with them once a week until the end of the series to see how they are getting on. They will be guided by experts in a positive and exciting manner.

If you want to try and quit any of the above, get in touch right away. Serious quitters need only apply, and only if you have a REAL addiction to the above. This is YOUR chance to finally knock that habit on the head and live a healthier, more controlled lifestyle.

You can contact me directly on mike.worsley@princesstv.com

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