No Smoking Day

Aaarrrhhh Cravings

:eek: Wow, well I thought that my cravings were getting alot easier and I was handling it well, but today,my god it was terrible, nicotine is evil and sneaky and I did not know that cravings could ease off to the extent mine did to attack as badly as they did today, it was worse than day 1 and Ive eaten like a pig! I will never again feel smug about my subsiding cravings and will always have my guard up for nic because he pounces when you least expect it!:eek:

A bit melodramatic I know but Im tired, and overwrought from today boo hoo.:o

Oh well im up at 6 so off to bed, and I pray tomorow will be a better day, It has to be! But I will stay cool no matter what.:cool:

Stay strong guys.


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Keep it up

Hi Charlene

We too have had it pretty hard today. Had a drink and it all becomes so so difficult. Reasons why you should smoke become so valid even though you know thare is no reason.

Remember you have come this far. It will NOT get any worse than what you have felt so far. It WILL get easier. Just takes time.

We are all with you.

Best of luck:)

Dave and Allyson


Hi Charlene,

I can relate top your day having had one really bad day out of the blue on Thursday. I hope by the time you read this you have slept it off and it is a historic memory.

As for the eating thing, when I was a smoker I never ate between meals, never snacked or anything like that, but today is an example of how things can change :-

got up at 6.45 - glass of orange juice and a bowl of Tesco Finest Muesli (so far things lookin good.

7.45 driving to work - stop at an Esso station to buy a carton of milk for my days coffees and buy a sneaky steak bake while I'm about it.

10.00am - out on the road and stop at roadside sandwich shop and tuck in to sausage and egg bap with brown sauce and cup of coffee.

12.00 noon stop off at a sandwich shop on way back to the office for a chicken mayo sandwich on brown with salad and a lamb samosa as a sort of starter.

2.00 stop off to refuel car and pick up double size Snickers Bar just to top up.

5.00pm quick couple of beers in local before tea + combo platter (cos you really shouldn't drink beer on an empty stomach you know.

Few more beers then 10.00pm take away curry......

Seriously this is from a person who used to have cereal from brekky, sandwich for lunch and evening meal and never even thought about eating in between. No wonder people gain weight when they quit....


Charlene x x

It will be easier x x

these craves feel hard because you are not continually craving as before x x as Dave and Allyson say, you have worked so hard to get this far keep going x x x and as dicky has said before, each crave could well be your last!

Hang tight and enjoy the day ~Buffy x x

Hehehe very good Dicky

I never used to eat till 11am ish then it would be a sandwhich till dinnertime!

Thats it?! now i eat all day every day :o I have put on a stone and a half >_<

I gone from underweight to a bit more than what i wanted :rolleyes: thank heavens for gym!

~Buffy x x


Thamks you guys for the kind words, I do feel a bit better today cravings wise, but I dont feel myself today, I feel a bit hysterical today like I want to scream and shout.

Hubby doesnt help as I said I had pains in my legs and he said oh yeah you're gonna die whilst laughing and I replied "well wouldnt you be sorry if I did now you said that?" He said "yes I would coz I havent taken an insurance policy out on you yet"

I know it was a joke but he's been making jokes like that all day and its not helping at all.

I know its me and I must be acting a bit mad coz he keeps saying "are you feeling alright?"

I am weaning myself off the gum and nearly down to 2 a day and I think it has sent me mad!:eek:

Has any1 else found the gum makes you feel like you have a painful ball in your throat?


Feeling less manic now, it was a long day and I apologise for my rant, cravings have eased off and I feel almost like a human again.

Dave and Allyson thanks for your encouragement it really helps knowing ur not the only one. ;)

Dickboy thankyou for making me laugh and making me feel less of a glutton, u star! :p

Buffy u are always the voice of reason that also makes me laugh.

Thanks for always being there in a bad moment. :D



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