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All wrigleys extra sugar free gum and the sugar free polos contain the ingredient "sorbitol" be careful if your using this to help you in your quit. i have had some stomach troubles since my quit, pain and wind. after being advised on this site that this is like a laxitive i thought i would advise all others. i have been eating loads of mints since quitting 13days ago and have been suffering quite bad, i thought it was just the giving up smokes but maybe it has something to do with what ive been eating to replace the smokes?im gonna avoid them and se how i go!:eek:

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No not like a laxative, it is a laxative :p hehehe it's fine in usual quantities but if your suddenly eating a lot more then yes it will get you moving :D



does around 5 packs in 13 days count as an increased amount:D oh no what have i done lol!

thanks for rescuing me buffy before i carried on with the 3 more multi packs i have sitting in my kitchen drawer, think i best find something else haha.:eek:


no thats fine x x i would say a pack a day is ok it is small dosage, just if your eating packs a day!!

The worst culprits are those mints that you eat that have a kind of 'cool' taste, like they almost taste cold? do you know what i mean? basically the cooler they taste the higher the sorbitol content, because that is why they use it.

it's a laxative but has this refreshing quality so it gets used in toothpaste and minty sweets gums.

Oh and another thing i learned, which to be perfectly fair doesn't bother me but it may some.

Cochineal is a red natural dye, it was in my crabsticks the other day, it is natural which sounds great! but it's from a natural bug :D its crushed beetle juice (love the film 'Beetlejuice' :D) basically :D will do you no harm what so ever but it is a tad 'i'm a celeb' lol


crab sticks

:eek: i love them. ooh i never knew that. just goes to show that we happily pop anything into our mouths without really knowing whats in it lol. maybe sometimes its best we dont haha.


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