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Day 3. Feeling good but a little worried about my patches. I'm on the 15mg and last night I found an old (empty) packet of cigs. I checked on the box and my cigs had only 0.1mg of nicotine:eek:

Does this mean my body is having a nicotine fiesta??:eek:

Will I get more addicted to it than I was before??:eek:

The guy from quitline said to stay on the patches but it doesn't add up to me- what do people here think?

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your not smoking and you feel good! why change anything? you will step down the patches and have minimal withdrawals it is all good. 0.1mg nicotine in a cig is still 1mg tar and a hell of a lot more crap besides!

Keep calm x x stick with it, it is a low dosage regardless of what you smoked.

~Buffy x x

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