No Smoking Day
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Day 2

Well I've been sat at my desk since 9am and just skipped my 11am fag break, which I loved. The 11am break split up the morning between getting to work and going for lunch at 1pm. I didn't love the cig, just the break. All the non-smokers have been sat here since 9am and they aren't complaining so it must be the fags trying to trick me...

Not got any intense cravings, just the constant mild anxiety and tension. It's a weird feeling, I'm almost light headed. Coughed up a fair bit of mucus this morning, so the old lungs must already be flushing out the toxins. I'm very glad to be doing this again, hopefully for the last time this time.

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I still try to keep my breaks but I use them for something different- like coffee or juice. I think I, like you, liked the breaks more than the fags.:)


Well done nic x x cough up hun better out than in :D

Stay strong ~Buffy x x


I drink coffee all day as it is! The 11am and 4pm we great, nothing can replace them! Can't think what else to do. Everyone else just sits here? I get so agitated doing that.


Hi Nic,

Well done mate, sounds like you've been here a few times before. The light headed feeling is usually just a couple of days. I hated that feeling, sort of disconnected and a bit spacey but so long as you know it's just a temporary thing at least you can come to terms with it for a short while.

You wanna be careful of the coffe thing though. I love coffee; I'm a real coffee connosieur, but until very recently I've had to limit my intake to one cup a day. Apart from the association of a coffee and a fag, caffeine will seriously increase that angsty feeling. After three weeks I've lightened up a bit, and now have maybe four cups a day, but still notice almost straight away a tense feeling within minutes.

For the first week, every day I had a carton of either grapefruit juice or cranberry juice and kept sipping that instead of coffee. Also I bought a load of those bars that look like bird cage food and ate one about every hour. Messed up blood sugar is often what people are experiencing when they talk of nicotine cravings and even tho those bars are like eating woodchips It's a good way to keep your blood sugar stable.

As for the breaks, I still had the odd break but I used to walk around the block and use the time to reinforce why I wanted to quit smoking.

Good luck and like you I'm hoping this time it will be my last quit, though I have to say today I had a cr*p day


Cheers Dickyboy. I totally agree with you and coffee is the next thing on the hit list! I have at least 6 a day with 2 sugars in each.. The weird thing is I only ever drink coffee at work, never at weekends or on holiday. I think I must use it to wake myself up as I have very little sleep during the week. I think coffee is as difficult, if not more difficult to give up than the fags.

Chin up dude tomorrow is always better.


Thanks for the comments guys. My rubbish day extended to not being able to sleep very well despite taking meself off to bed at 9.30. In spite of that however and being a bit knackered this morning as a result, today it has been business as usual so hopefully that was just a bit of a one off.

It's probably worth mentioning that it's common to forget that even when you were a smoker you'd have occasional one off non specific cr*ppy days. It's easy to just link any rubbish feelings to the quitting process. I kept telling myself all day "this is nothing to do with smoking", "I'm just having a rubbish day", "it's a completely random sh1t day and has no connection with quitting". Anyway I'm looking forward now to reaching the 1 month milestone next Tuesday.

Good luck folks and enjoy your weekends


Thats very true dicky x

I keep trying to tell people that too :D hehe

The nico devil seems to make people think think they have had an ill free, stress free happy life until their quit!!

Serious memory loss, more likely! >_< lol


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