No Smoking Day

5 Days and Counting


Hi,Stopped smoking last friday night at 2320hrs.Coped alright for first few days but the last 2 have been really hard,bad cravings and really irritable.I thought this would have happened at the beginning.I take the new drug Champix which has probably made this a lot easier than going cold turkey.Can anyone help???

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Hi rother you are doing so well quitting.

The thing to remember is that everyone is different and you dont know when or where your cravings will attack and some days will be worse than others.

Remember that this feeling wont last forever and your reasons for quitting, and plough on until the feelings pass.

Try something to distract yourself, like going for a walk or even just coming on here and venting.

Stay strong;)


Cheers hun and ditto back at ya, I dont know what I would have done without you guys to vent to, actually I do I would prob be in my kitchen smoking again so thanks gang! :D



Those are very wise words. You'll know from my recent posts that I had a very bad day yesterday (day 24) and was in such a bad mood and I think on that day my "fight" was weakening and I was definately as you said "mentally tired" of the quitting process. Thankfully after an early night I feel I'm now back on track, but it's true that we are on a long journey and we can't expect each day will always be better than the last. There will be up and down days according to our moods and we have to be ready for the odd rogue day.


Well Done Dicky *hug*

You have supported many so well here, your a real voice of reason, unfortunately that doesn't make you immune!

I am just so glad that you take heed of your own voice, this is something many people find hard to do.

Stay strong and wise ~Buffy x x x x


Thanks Buffy. Kind words, though I am but a novice as compared to you.


good afternoon all

thought i'd drop in and say hi :)

well my latest nicotine avoidance tactic seems to be cleaning:eek: i'm terribly ashamed to admit this on a sunday as well! i will get back to my slobish ways asap i'm sure.

hi to rother nice to meet you i'm a new champix user too so any advice you have or if you just fancy a moan about that horrible taste in yr mouth(or is that just me:confused: ) give me a yell but only if you bring mints!

boudee hi there, been reading some of yr last posts and got to thinking i've got 2 kids and a hubby too so perhaps we could package them as a job lot? a kinda bogof!:D

best wishes well done and gd luck to all

now where did i leave my rubber gloves?:


hehe Zoe ! how much are you planning to give away with this bogof ready made family?! :D heheheh

Cleaning! hehehe couldn't pop round here could you ?! :D

Actualy i spent all weekend purchasing flat packs and building them and tidying :( pah rotten lol nice to see the rooms coming together though! i am finaly moving my 3 year old out of my room :eek:

So fixing up the bedroom with 2 of my others for her to move in with! Lol


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