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No Smoking Day
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Hard going today

Hi all just thought I would report today.

I am really finding today hard going, craveing's are bad today, I have my patch on but could I also have the gum at the same time as the patch?

And why allthough I am into week two my craveing are so bad.

It is a good job I live miles away from a shop, I am deep breathing and keeping busy but it just shows what a drug smokeing is.


Joan X

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Hello Joan x x

Glad your hanging on in there, these craves feel awfull but are not as bad as before! Dicky said this last night and it is soooooo true!

If you're going through a bad crave rigjht now, it's easy to believe that you're facing a long and unpleasant process ahead of you, but stick with it because it is entirely possible that the crave you are currently experiencing may in fact be the last one that you'll experience.

I hope this helps x x also keep busy and distracted x x ~Buffy x x


Yes the gum is a good back up x x x x

I used both to no ill effect! obv stop if you experience any bad side effects but it should be fine and a wise idea!

I may join you in tea and candles ooh and my new album :D

Enjoy x x ~Buffy x x


Hi Joan

When i was on 21mg patch i was allowed the 2mg gum not the 4mg.

The gum will help as it gives you an instant hit. The patch releases nicotine slowly, so i`m told.

Stay stronge and as everyone says , it will get easier and less intense.

Barb x


hi there

im sure it should be ok as long as you do it wisely. my dr did say that many people do choose to use both methods together but said she doesnt suggest it herself because you could end up increasing your nicotene receptors (think thats the right word, please forgive me if its not) but as long as you work out the dosage total and dont do it constantly, i shouldnt see a problem.


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