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Day 12, 13

Good Morning Everybody, how is everyone doing.



Had a good day yesterday had a day off work and took my teenage daughter to Bath for some retail therapy, had a chinese for lunch and a wander around the shop.My daughter is really supportive and has wanted me to pack up for some time, with her support and the people on this forum that has helped me a great deal. Had a shaky evening fancied a rollie but resisted the temptation.


The day has started well, but no gym again today for some reason i wake up at 05:00 with my phone alarm then radio clock alarm then go back to sleep till 06:00, but i find i am so tired i dont know if its the champix or lack of nicotine. back at work today which sucks but not long to weekend though. I have appt with my gp on friday to get some more champix.

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Hi Shelfish two weeks tomorrow thats fab, My daughter dont smoke and has give me great support I think now she must be so pleased when I am not stopping for a fag. shes band smoking in her house since I stopped. Its nice when we go shopping or have meals togethersmoke free. Keep up the good work your donig fine. Linda xxx


I think it is the nicotine, I still am so much more tired than previously!

I will have to start going to bed earlier. I got to bed around half 11 and used to get up at 7.15 but now i struggle in the mornings and drag myself out at 8! it's all rush rush then :rolleyes:

Sounds like a lovely day at Bath, I would love to go there one day i here it is beautiful around those parts.

You are doing so well good on you x x you must be feeling calmer if you can face

1) shopping

2) shopping with a teenage girl!! :D


~Buffy x x




You are doing so well good on you x x you must be feeling calmer if you can face

1) shopping

2) shopping with a teenage girl!!

Yeah i used to get so stressed shopping with my ex and my daughter, but yesterday was fine, but mens shopping is different from womens shopping men go get what they want job done, women have to look around every shop at every item in each shop then after a set time minimum 2 hrs go back and buy what they saw in the first shop. as a woman can you explain this to me please.

Yes it is beautiful around here Avon/Wiltshire, Bath is nice but if you want shopping not so good they are in the process of building a new shopping centre which is supposed to be ready in 2010. so if you want to go shopping leave it till then LOL


If I buy what I see straight away I get home and think about all the other things I didn't see and imagine that everything else was so much betterer than what I bought!!

2 hours is real minimum :D thats usually 1st shop done :D I need to try on every item in every shop before really knowing for sure that the first item was indeed "the one!"

Though to be honest I get fed up with shopping too after around 5 hours :D

Will make a trip to bath for a week end hmmm think thats what i'll put my money towards :D hehe

Hmm no i wouldn't like to go there for shopping, would like to see it in it's rural beauty so definitely before 2010!

~Buffy x x


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