Hi everyone, Just a quick note to say I missed everyone the last few days as my internet was down.

Im on day 12 today which I cant believe.:D

Also think the cravings may be getting better as it didnt cross my mind to have some gum until dinnertime today which is a first ever, although once I realised it made me start craving badly.:eek:

Still find it hard when Im in certain situations or even with certain people but I guess thats to be expected, just glad I havent caved in and had a fag as so many people, at work especially said to me that I wouldnt do it, so Im more determind. These people are smokers though so maybe they are pi**ed off because they cant/havent done it themselves?

Hope everyone is ok and their resolve is still strong as everybody has come such a long way, even by just deciding to quit which I personally think is the hardest part of giving up.:o

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  • MOrning Charlene

    Day 13 today almost two full weeks thats fab work. Bet they are not so clever now in work hehe you show them girl. Keep strong Linda xxxx

  • Welcome back charlene,

    No internet and still stayed off the cigs!! thats amazing! :D

    Why is it whenever someone quits everyone says 'oooh you wont last long!' ?

    Like you say it probably is jealousy :rolleyes:

    Here you are and still quit!! your the betterer one hehehehe

    Congrats Charlene x x x x keep it up

    ~Buffy x x

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