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No Smoking Day
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New Member...Day 9

Hi to all,

I'm Michelle, new to the forum, like the title states I'm on day 9 ...

I've been reading this forum on and off for the last week & the experiences shared by other people on here have really helped me through some dips in my resolve (day 3 and esp' day 5)...So THANKYOU to all the active members who have been posting this last week, you've helped me loads so far! :)

I've just finished my degree at university, which i think has given me the incentive (after smoking since I was 15) to make a fresh start.

In the last few years i've tried to quit before with various methods.

Here is a list of those failed attempts:

Patches - caused a rash, made me spaced and generally just a very odd

version of me! (2 attempts both only lasting 2 days).

Cold Turkey - last christmas (I see the pun) - which prompted 3 deranged,

psychotic days, at the end of which my non-smoking then b/friend

personally lit a cig and handed it to me (cheers!)

However, this time is for good - I can feel it. Something in me changed and shifted my perspective.

Good luck to everyone.

Mischa x

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Hi Misha

Welcome to the site 9 days thats fab you must be really proud hope your remembering to give your self big treats. You will have great support on here it has helped me get to almost 4 months So keep posting. Linda xxx


Hello Mischa,

Well done on the degree success, though I hope you didn't order it online from this place!! websmileys.com/sm/happy/120...


Well done on the 9 days too. Did you go cold turkey again this time and just tough out the psychotic days? I'm going down the cold turkey route and though I've had very little in the way of cravings, I think at times my sanity may be a bit variablehttp://www.websmileys.com/sm/animal/7.gif.


:eek: I answered this post and you two appear and i am no where :confused:

hehehe nice certificate Dicky, so thats how you bigged up your CV :D

Think maybe this thread has been double posted?

If so my reply is over that side, if not, I did reply honest!! :D

Keep it up doing great ~Buffy x x


It is double posted thought I was going mad at first hehe


Hi all,

Sorry Buffy, Linda - yeah, it was double posted (my years mastering an I.T degree clearly weren't wasted :rolleyes: ).

Linda, four months is brilliant. How do you feel? What method have you used? Whatever it is it's clearly working!!

Dickyboy - No cold turkey this time. Chose instead, the 2mg gum and death to my fillings...How long into the cold turkey are you?...Can empathise on the variable mood swings. I'm trying to figure out if I was always this highly strung inside but the nicotene managed to abate it OR if it's just a temp by product of the quitting process? :confused: Suspect I might just naturally be a moody cow though. :D

BUT it's nearing the end of Day 10 and everyone I have come into contact with is still alive and unmaimed!

Cheers for the warm welcome guys, very much appreciated!

Mischa x


Hello Mischa,

I'm on day 22 today so I'm feeling fairly pleased with myself as I enter the 4th week. We all have our own personal battle to go through when we quit smoking and so, similarities aside, each persons experience of quitting is personal to them.

The moody cow point you made is quite an interesting one as one school of thought is that for years smokers kind of self medicate a predisposition towards mood related problems and discover their real self for the first time when they quit. Another is that years of chemical abuse renders the long term smoker prone to mood disorders such as anxiety and depression when they quit. My own personal experience from a previous quit whereby I went through a period of unpleasant depression was that it was a period of adjustment for the couple of months after which I returned to being just boring old me. Nevertheless this time I combined quitting with starting a new and demanding job (one week into my quit) and couldn't afford the luxury of self indulgent depression and so I took steps to avoid the possibility by scoffing every mood enhancing over the counter remedy available and touch wood so far it seems to be working clicksmilies.com/s1106/mitt...


Sorry Buffy, Linda - yeah, it was double posted (my years mastering an I.T degree clearly weren't wasted ).

*snigger* that tickled I

BUT it's nearing the end of Day 10 and everyone I have come into contact with is still alive and unmaimed!

That freaks me out everytime!! :eek: but it is soooo true!! lollol this thought proccess of life ending of greyness replacing colour rofl then i quit and i'm like hey?! the worlds brighter and i am alive!! yay

Nice goofy look Dicky hehehe

and you make cold turkey look less dry than usual, without forcing it down throats on boxing day, I like :D

~Buffy x x


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