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New Member...Day 9

Hi to all,

I'm Michelle, new to the forum, like the title states I'm on day 9 ...

I've been reading this forum on and off for the last week & the experiences shared by other people on here have really helped me through some dips in my resolve (day 3 and esp' day 5)...So THANKYOU to all the active members who have been posting this last week, you've helped me loads so far! :)

I've just finished my degree at university, which i think has given me the incentive (after smoking since I was 15) to make a fresh start.

In the last few years i've tried to quit before with various methods.

Here is a list of those failed attempts:

Patches - caused a rash, made me spaced and generally just a very odd version of me!! (2 attempts both only lasting 2 days).

Cold Turkey - last christmas (I see the pun) - which prompted 3 deranged, psychotic days, at the end of which my non-smoking then b/friend personally lit a cig and handed it to me!

However, this time is for good - I can feel it. Something in me changed and shifted my perspective.

Good luck to everyone.

Mischa x

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Hello Michelle and welcome x x x x x

Well, day 9!! given your track record, and you've not been taken down for murder, your doing amazingly well!! :D

Hehe you must be in the right place for the quit this time, 1 week gone already and the start of week 3 in sight! before you know it you'll be totting up months!

It's great to have you here thanks for joining in, keep it up and keep us posted, grats also on the degree!

~Buffy x x


Phew here i am not gone mad :D

lol ~Buffy x x x x


Hi Michelle,

Welcome to the group. Glad to see you are doing well. You should be proud of yourself. We are a good crowd here and will have lots of encouraging words and funny ones to. Jump in and join the crowd.




I made senior membor;) :D :) :eek:


Heya Cindy! x x x x

Ooooh yeah! look at you lil miss senior! :p :eek: :D


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