No Smoking Day

Day 58

Made it to day 58. Someone asked me earlier (i think lindaspicer?) what patch i was going to move to, i ended up sticking with the same strength (14mg). I went two days without a patch at all and it was terrible, I was going to get rid of them all together. I was so uncomfortable with the results i ended up running out to the store after two days and buying the same strength, didn't want to take any chances. An hour later and some deep breathing exercises and im back on track.

It's odd to note that the un-comfortableness didn't directly cause the need to smoke a cigarette, more like i just felt sick and very uneasy (still do a little). I think a month ago I would have called it "need a cigarette", but at this point a cigarette would make me feel more sick (i think), so a patch was the only answer. It seems like a transition stage, i hope im not addicted tot he patch, although if i am at least its not as unhealthy as the fags :)

In two weeks ill move down the the weakest strength, and not try to get rid of them all together just yet.

Hope everyone is doing well.

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Well done Jemi!

58 days woo that's special!

Sure you wont become addicted to the patch x they set out a course for moving through stages, i think this course is based on scientific knowledge and necessary lengths to make transition as smooth as possible. Therefore it's best to stick the course and not try and rush through it :rolleyes:

Glad your back on track and dismissed that feeling as a 'need a cigarette' feeling!

Keep it up

~ x X x X x ~


Well done Jemi. There is no doubt that moving down a patch can be tough for many people. When you decide the time is right, go for it! Don't forget you may have to use a new strategy for dealing with any stress so make sure you have a plan or ideas for dealing with it.

Really happy you're doing so well :)


well done jimi keep up the good work


Hi Alison how you doing I remember we are on same amount of days in our quit which i have lost count of as have had very stressfull busy week hope you are on track I am ok but have had few difficult days as far as cravings are concerned Sue


Hi Jemi Well done

I keep a look out for you as I know we are close I am day 57 today We are doing well arnt we Good for you Jemi and keep it up

Hi Allison and Sue your both doing really well so very glad your both still with us Love to the three of you linda


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