No Smoking Day

Day 13 In the doldrums why??????

Hey everyone, has anyone else been feeling well 'low'? I have nothing to be particulaly stressed about, but for the last two days have been feeling depressed. Not cranky though......if that makes sense? Anyone else feel this way or have felt this way?

I can honestly say hand on my heart that I do not miss the smokes (didn't think I would ever hear myself say that) but I really don't, when I have a craving I have a gum, though can't seem to cut down from four a day.

Had a moment earlier on when my fairly new cordless keyboard lost all power, I'm a bit of a numpty when it comes to 'techno' but tried everything it wouldn't work, so up the stairs I go to find old corded one,now another question for on earth can anyone loose a blinkin keyboard?! Well I have and the only conclusion I can come to is that the fairies have made off with it.... Anyway I could feel the stress levels rising somewhat so popped a gum in and was chewing so violently I gave myself the hiccups (apparently this can happen) My jaw aches continuously, but it's gotta be better than smokin right?! Oh I don't know I just though I would be feeling elated at this point.....ah well it's another bright and shiny day tomorrow, hope everyone is a ok and feeling fine and dandy! x

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Hi Mildred

Sorry to hear you are feeling low. We are both on the same day of no smoking and I think we are both doing well. Stick with it.

I agree with what Boudee is saying, treat yourself. I do find a long soak in the bath with a good book takes my mind of things and also the odd bit of chocolate helps too. :)

Keep up the good work. I'm sure we'll both make it.




Hi guys, thanks for that, do feel a little better,as for the chocolate I have cained it for the last two weeks! Though I have had a strict talking to myself and today the diet starts again, currently supping a cup of green tea,mmmm.

If I eat to much sugar I react... icthy skin, painful joints, not to good when you have a sugar addiction too!

Anyway it's week 3 ey Deryln? Know that we can do this we will soon be where Boudee is! My brother has promised me a holiday if I crack hee hee Barbados here we come!

Hugs to everyone hoping everyone is still feeling strong! x


Glad yor feeling better today. What a difference a day make. day 13 for me feeling great hope it keeps up haha


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