No Smoking Day

day five

Hello everyone , Day five is here ! I can't believe it . I almost feel like it's too good to be true ! I know I have way to go , and I need to keep putting in the effort to keep myself away from all drugs ! I've never been this clean since around 13 years of age ! It's always been one thing or another .

I've found sucking sugar free lollys a slight help . Like the little hard candy ones on a card board stick . Keeps hand and mouth busy , and the motion is similar. Also after dinner I find ice pops and such useful. I've replaced my post dinner Joint/smoke with an ice pop, or 2, or 3. Putting on weight really isn't an issue for me ... quite the opposite. My appetite is only just starting to come back , and if I put on weight from now ... I couldnt care less ! :-)

I dont smoke anymore :-) I don't take ANY recreational drugs anymore :-) and thats my primary goal at the moment. A few extra pounds is never going to cause the damage I was inflicting on myself .

Baby got back :) But baby don't smoke :)


cheers x

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Hay Benite - welcome to day five, glad to hear you're still with us!!!

You're sounding more postive today ;) keep up the good work!



Where's the other Benite you imposter!!!!!!!!!

My god girl the Benite who joined this forum is so out of here!

Well come back to your life hun you sound really well today!

Yes, like i said the other day and you just noted on riz's post. it's true Nicotine is an evil addiction and many puffers don't realise that's the bit that's really got them!

Keep telling my bf but he doesn't believe me, because he only smokes at night he thinks he's not addicted to the nicotine, mad logic 0_o

Dead Proud Of ya x x

Keep strong,

through all your up's n downs x x


LOL, thanks buffy .... The other Benite is gone for good :-) talking of which ... just how many buffy's is there ... There must be quite a few to man the forum shifts...... You're everywhere *smiles* I kinder look forward to seeing your responses when there's a new post, and it never seems to take long . You're a die hard! Outa interest... does your fella just smoke cigs at night ? or weed too ?

I just gotta get my little sis clean now :-) She's moving off my landing , into a place of her own this week , so as soon as she gets an internet connection I'll introduce her to the forum . I almost feel guilty watcing her smoke now ! I mean , she's my sister , I love her , so I feel like I should be physically restraining her from killing herself...... but she's also an adult, and a little stronger than me , so that probably wouldn't be the best way of targeting her problem . * laughs * in fact it would probably be more damaging to my health than smoking it's self ! which says a lot . :-)

B xx


Hehe yes I have my 'puter on all the time and never close the windows >< so i flip over to check the posts frequently between other computer stuff i am doing.

Hmmmm, the sister thing is hard, my sister is 6 years older than me, she always nags at me though she had always smoked she had to stop for IVF. It used to get my back up when she nagged.

She'll probably see the change in you and make her own mind up!

Theres a link under general where you put the veggie post, called the grand opening of the norseman NOPE lodge we hang out there for a laugh sometimes to get away from the whole smoking thing hehe you should take a look :)



I am so proud of you... 5 days is fantastic

Keep it up!



You are doing very well Benite, Keep up the good work! think of all the money you are going to save!!!



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