No Smoking Day

Quiters North West England, want to tell your story TV? want to quit but haven't yet?

Dear Forum Members,

I am currently developing an idea for a television documentary, I am looking for the following:

people who have decided to quit smoking in view of the incoming ban and have or are about to do it.

people who are considering quiting smoking in view of the incoming ban, but undecided,

and variations on the above,

if you would like to discuss this further or make a comment, please feel free to message me on forum, email me at quiting _a_t_

I will also check this thread regularly

please get in touch!


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On my ninth week.


New granddaughter who although lives miles away in Scotland my daughter said Mum we cant stop with you as your house smells of smoke.

12 words that hopefully has changed my life:)

Seems funny going into shop to buy paper and spending only 50p I have money in my purse not hitting the Cash Machine as much

Joined gym Go twice a week and take 2 classes

Oh and now play badminton weekly

Breathing better as well

Skin is looking better people are telling me

Wish id have done this years ago

Good Luck Christine


I'm glad its going well Christine! congratulations!


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