Day 11

2.5 hours and I am on day 12; still have not had one!

I'm getting a real good test today. The boss is around (lives in another country so it's a semi-rare, stressful visit). In addition, I woke up cold as hell because I ran out of home heating fuel sometime during the night, turns out my fill gauge is broken on my tank so it remains at "Full". Working on 3 hours of sleep now, but no smokes. Tomorrow I will be buying the patch that contains less nicotine, wondering how that will be… :confused:

Yesterday I had a sandwich with onions and I was able to taste them for 4 hours until I got some gum on the way home..... Amazing.....

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  • Lol @ the onions :) amazing getting the ol' taste buds back!

    Day 13 Lucky for you I hope! I kinda think at times a small amount of stress is helpful as it distracts me and keeps me busy! It's the boring nothing to do times i struggle most!

    Well Done and Good luck for later!

    Keep it up x x

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