No Smoking Day


WOW day three!

It's only just sunk in that I've not had a fag in two days :D

and this morning I did not stand there thinking about them as I waited for the kettle to boil.

I've taken the day off today (norty I know) as my chest is tight and I'm whezing and I have the start of a cold. But I'm gonna spring clean the house to try and get rid of the stale smell. My boyfirend still smokes, but he has to go out side now (of course). I can't beleive I've made two dadys, and there's been cigs in the house!!! ;)

How is everyone else feeling today?

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Well done for reaching day 3 :)


Spring clean cure! Genius lol

You sound so bright and chirpy today :) wicked x x well done, spring clean that's cool, you couldn't pop by mine could you? hehe

I know what you mean too, my bf smokes I keep putting lighters in his drawer and shoving his ashtray in the cupboard, as it's not very thoughtful >< Thankfully he hides his cigs so I am not tempted there. He only smokes a little in the night time not a full on smoker so not too bad, it's just the bloody smell! poo!

I am feeling good today too, it's the first time in 3 weeks i havn't needed any painkillers :D woooooooo

Keep it up Seren x x


Good Job

Great going,

Now that your on day 3 no sense in ever goign back!!!!



Grrr it's 16:48 and this afternoon has been hard.

Buffy - why do men always seem to make life harder? lol


ah ha that's easy it's so that when they do actually do one simple little thing to make life easy, your knocked for 6 and overly appreciative!!


You never know it might be true



Yay to day 3!

Get you getting to day three, you must feel so proud, I think you know you are onto a winner when you wake up in the morning and the first you think of is not a smoke!


Keep it up you are doing good!;)


Thanks everyone!

I love that icon Buffy - how do you add your own here?:confused:


Well done ! Day 3 for me too. Hows your sleep coming on ? Its the one thing thats been a downer for me.About 2-3 hours sleep a night.

Keep it up . God bless.

The Bear.


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