WOW day three!

It's only just sunk in that I've not had a fag in two days :D

and this morning I did not stand there thinking about them as I waited for the kettle to boil.

I've taken the day off today (norty I know) as my chest is tight and I'm whezing and I have the start of a cold. But I'm gonna spring clean the house to try and get rid of the stale smell. My boyfirend still smokes, but he has to go out side now (of course). I can't beleive I've made two dadys, and there's been cigs in the house!!! ;)

How is everyone else feeling today?

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  • Well done for reaching day 3 :)

  • Spring clean cure! Genius lol

    You sound so bright and chirpy today :) wicked x x well done, spring clean that's cool, you couldn't pop by mine could you? hehe

    I know what you mean too, my bf smokes I keep putting lighters in his drawer and shoving his ashtray in the cupboard, as it's not very thoughtful >< Thankfully he hides his cigs so I am not tempted there. He only smokes a little in the night time not a full on smoker so not too bad, it's just the bloody smell! poo!

    I am feeling good today too, it's the first time in 3 weeks i havn't needed any painkillers :D woooooooo

    Keep it up Seren x x

  • Good Job

    Great going,

    Now that your on day 3 no sense in ever goign back!!!!


  • Grrr it's 16:48 and this afternoon has been hard.

    Buffy - why do men always seem to make life harder? lol

  • ah ha that's easy it's so that when they do actually do one simple little thing to make life easy, your knocked for 6 and overly appreciative!!


  • You never know it might be true


  • Yay to day 3!

    Get you getting to day three, you must feel so proud, I think you know you are onto a winner when you wake up in the morning and the first you think of is not a smoke!


    Keep it up you are doing good!;)

  • Thanks everyone!

    I love that icon Buffy - how do you add your own here?:confused:

  • Well done ! Day 3 for me too. Hows your sleep coming on ? Its the one thing thats been a downer for me.About 2-3 hours sleep a night.

    Keep it up . God bless.

    The Bear.

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