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No Smoking Day
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Today's fact

I sigend up to quit smoking at the start of the year and was given a helpful pack.

In there was a count down chart. Every day I scratch off a silver pannel and it holds a fact - so I thought I'd share them with you...

Todays is...

After 24 hours of stopping your heart beat lowers by 10 beats per minute

That is amazing.... makes you feel sorry for your lil heart don't it!

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Hi Seren

Glad to see your still with us!!!!!!

Cool Fact I will add that to my collection



Hay Grinfire - I'm still here alright, and scraping the dregs from the pitty bowl ATM.

You have a collection? Wanna share?


Hi Seren

Thats mad it does make you feel sorry for your heart poor wee thing:o

You will have to let me know what every days is i wud like to know wot is happening to our bodies when we quit.

Jules x


Gordon Brown in his budget today put cigs up by 11p BUT reduced the vat on patches from 17.5% to 5%. Looks like the govt wants us to quit too!

Karen :rolleyes:


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