No Smoking Day
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Day 5

Now on Day 5 and still so far so good!

Hubby still puffing on his pipe.

Went to visit Mum - her cigarettes and lighter were on the sideboard and I never even thought about smoking.

Light at the end of the tunnel?

Worst times for me are first thing in the morning and with a cuppa or after a meal.

Back to work tomorrow so things should be easier as I'm used to not smoking there - it's a surgery!!:D

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well done :)

I am finding it hell. :confused:


You are doing well, Maggie, especially with all those temptations. Not many people I know smoke, so it is probably a bit easier for me. I am day 5 too.

I have been okish today. Well, apart from when I watched my husband do a run for British Heart Foundation and took too many pictures of ducks so I ran out of battery when he crossed the finishing line. He laughed his socks of! I felt awful.

Day 3 was definately the worst. I am still eating though.

Hope work tomorrow is ok




Iam on day 5 also and am finding it easier day 3 was definitly the hardest for me nitemare. Today so far havnt even missed smoking that can only mean things are looking up.

Good luck we can beat this



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