No Smoking Day

Hey everyone, got a bunch of cinnabuns!

In preparation for the opening of the yet to be named chill spot, i've brought you all a cinnamon roll, enjoy, i'm on my third, hahahahah. If you need seconds, don't worry, i brought extras. Congratulations to everyone, you are all doing great. Day 16 for me now, smoking almost an afterthought now. I fully don't care i slipped now, as it wasn't hard to get back on track at all. Can't wait until I can do an ironman triathalon. That is my goal in a two years. Love you all, keep up the quits, keep throwing out support for all the new quitters, and if you have an idea for the NOPE NORSEMAN SNACK LOUNGE's new name, reply to this post!


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Hmmm thanks for the cinnamin bun! I have heard all about these from my Canadian friends, I have no idea where in London I could buy one. I have heard they are very special!

I have actualy had a couple of 'mega' cravings today, mostly because the kids have been arguing and moaning 'theres nothing to do' because I am not fit enough to take them out yet. Fortunatly my boyfriend is Irish so the guiness and wine is already flowing! which takes the edge of things


Yay fighting talk Vike!!! you edited while I was doing my reply hehe took me ages 'cos kids are still driving me

The viking emoticon rocks :D

I like NOPE btw.

Keep it up!!

Buffy x


found some smiley sites, don't worry bout the PM Buffy

Glad you enjoyed the cinnamon bun, persians are great too, i'll make sure to bring lots of canadian food for you to try :) Just don't eat our beavers. We like them.

Woot Smileys Work Now!



I'm never going to live this pizza thing down.

IN response to your tongue in cheek beaver comment... Canadians have multiple meanings of it too, but don't fret, I meant the furry guys with big teeth and flat tails. Beavers rule!!!!



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