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No Smoking Day
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any ideas?

Hello again,

I go from watching quietly to blabber mouth lol,

I have heard many many times that caffine doesnt help the cravings. If anything it makes it worse or can resemble cravings. To the point I have been off from caffine for about 3 weeks. Any ideas on how long someone can go untill caffine doesnt bother them anymore or have the craving effect????

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Hi Grinfire - I can see you are having problems dear!

I don't think time will stop you from associating things with having a ciggie, i.e. coffee or wine etc. You just have to learn to live without the nicotene as part of your life, very similar to when you lose a loved one. The feeling of losing that person doesn't get better but you just learn to live without them. I have been stuffing my mouth with jelly beans because they also stop me wanting to eat non stop but my teeth are hurting now!

I tend to only drink tea now because coffee always makes me crave a fag - I am down to one coffee a week! Drinking water really helps as well.

Good luck;)


heya Grin,

from what i've read, caffeine hits you twice as hard after quitting smoking. So, that means that if you are a heavy coffee drinker smoking, you should cut down to half when you quit. other than that, i'm not sure if it causes similar cravings or not. I'm still at one coffee a day, and not finding problems with that.



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