Beans And More Beans

:eek: Instead of stuffing myself with anything I can get my hands on (biscuits, crisps, cakes - no wonder I have put on 4 pounds!!) I decided to treat myself to some of my fave sweeties - JELLY BEANS :D :D

I am hoping that these will not only stop my fag cravings but sort out my HUGE appetite at the same time. I expect I'll be toothless in a month.

I AM ON DAY 44!!

2 Replies

  • He he I thought by the title you was going for it big brother style with the beans beans and more beans!

    Now I see you meant of the sweety variety :D Lol enjoy, at least the staining will be more colourfull than nicotine!

  • pass some of those over here!

    Jelly beans rock! Green ones, red ones, blue ones, cherry ones... mmmm jelly beans... guess i'm off to the store!


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