No Smoking Day

Beans And More Beans

:eek: Instead of stuffing myself with anything I can get my hands on (biscuits, crisps, cakes - no wonder I have put on 4 pounds!!) I decided to treat myself to some of my fave sweeties - JELLY BEANS :D :D

I am hoping that these will not only stop my fag cravings but sort out my HUGE appetite at the same time. I expect I'll be toothless in a month.

I AM ON DAY 44!!

2 Replies

He he I thought by the title you was going for it big brother style with the beans beans and more beans!

Now I see you meant of the sweety variety :D Lol enjoy, at least the staining will be more colourfull than nicotine!


pass some of those over here!

Jelly beans rock! Green ones, red ones, blue ones, cherry ones... mmmm jelly beans... guess i'm off to the store!



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