No Smoking Day

Second Day

Well, over half way through Day 2 now and still so far so good:) Wanted one as soon as I came out of work - usual habit to smoke one in the car on the way home - and again with sandwich and cuppa for lunch - but other than that not too bad really. :cool:

Hope this determination lasts. Weekend coming up and that will be a danger time for me, I think. I'll have to keep logging on here and seeing how all of you are bearing up and to look for some inspiration/support


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Well done maggie! Keep it up, each time you go through a routine that included a ciggie before, you can now hold an image of you doing it the non smoking way!

Day by day, 1 step at a time

Buffy x


It is good to hear you are still going strong. I felt a bit wobbly today. The offer we have put in on a house has finally been accepted and thought I would celebrate with a smoke. How stupid is that? Soon changed my mind and thought I don't want to go through day 1 again. I am on lozenges and I know it will be a struggle but I am so determined this time. I think this site is brilliant. Really pleased you are doing well:)


well done all it can only get easier from here i hope!!!!

its killing me in the morning at mo and is taking me longer to wake up.

fingers crossed to all


Doing great Maggie, keep up the good work.

If the cravings hit hard this weekend, just go over your reasons for quitting. There is nothing better you can do for yourself :)



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