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Day 4

Hi, I'm new to the forum and thought I'd let you know of my stopping smoking experience so far. I've smoked 20 a day for almost 20 years and after having a really bad chest infection decided enough was enough and I had to stop. I am using patches to help with my craving. I found days 1 and 2 quite hard, but day 3 was alot easier. I am now on day 4 and starting to feel pretty good about myself. I feel if I have done this long without smoking I can crack it.

The things I am doing to encourage myself to stay stopped are:

I have stuck a calendar on my fridge and I am crossing of the days I haven't smoked every night before I go to bed. I am saving my money in a jar so I can have a treat in the future and I am washing everything in sight to get rid of the smell of smoke from my house. Generally I am just keeping busy.

I have found reading other people's stories on this forum has helped as I know I am not alone in trying to stop.

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Well Done Derlyn!

I have found the support network here is a real bonus tool in quitting!

Great quitting Tips and incentives you have there, I haven't done anything yet as I gave up unexpectedly. I used the money jar before, that was my 8 mnth stint (failed by the misconception that social smoking wasn't a myth >_<) and think I will start that up again as spending it is like guilt free retail therapy! a god send!

Anywho Welcome aboard the good ship quitting!

Buffy x



Hi Derlyn, your definately not alone, I've only just joined the forum and the support and advice I received yesterday when I was having a really bad afternoon, really helped me through. Just knowing that your not alone really helps you get through some of the difficult times. You sound really organised and together, which I'm sure will help you suceed. I'm now on day 6 and I never ever thought in a million years I would ever be able to go this long without smoking (not even the odd one!). I'm taking one day at a time at the moment and it seems to work. Good luck!


Good ideas!

Glad to hear it is getting easier for you, keep your guard up, the nicodemon is one sneaky bugger.



I've made it to day 5

I can't believe I've made it to day 5. I found yesterday (day 4) quite easy, didn't find myself thinking too much about smoking and it's starting to feel quite normal now to have a cup of coffee and not smoke. Here's hoping I keep up the good work.


You are on the way to a new you

Congratulations on making it another day :) You rock, almost done the first week! keep up the good work,



Day 6 now

Now on day 6. Still really missing my 1st thing in the morning smoke but once I get over that craving the rest of the day has been going not too bad apart from maybe eating a few too many chocolate biscuits and having a few extra cups of coffee. Each day is getting easier but I know I've still got a long way to go.


Well Done Derlyn! Yeah long way to go, we all have really I guess, if ever there is a time when it's completely gone and forgotten?!

Tomorrow you will be 1 week done!! that's way cool and most definitely the hardest part of the battle well and truly out of the way!

We had a big food discussion yesterday would appear many of us myself included have gone a little food mad >_< infact we may open a foodbar soon to hang out in hehe we all pretty much decided anything other than smoking is more than ok!

Buffy x


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