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Why can't I do it! I've tried numerous times and it just knocks my confidence. Today was day one, I've had three cigarettes and one has led to another.

I enjoy smoking but I really can't do it cus of my diabetes, except I don't understand why that isn't motivating me? I mean, general health is a big thing but being diabetic just doubles the risks and I know of lots of people who've lost limbs or have died in their twenties due to smoking.

I don't understand it when people say, "you've been smoking for two years, it should be easy to quit". Those two years I was on and still am on 10 a day. It really isn't easy. :\

Give me some tips please!

I feel really pissed off right now.

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Just a suggestion


I am now on day 9 and have tried many times before. EVERY time I tried before, I just could not get through the first day without a fag. I would have a sneaky one and like you it lead to another.

So why is it different for me this time? I have no extra special reasons, and my health reasons are no more pressing than any one elses.

The only thing I can see different is that I read Paul McKennas book on quiting smoking today without gaining weight. It comes with a hypnotherapy CD and costs about 8 quid in ASDA. Worth every penny if you ask me. I read it, and actually found the first few days easy!! After doing a couple of days, you can say to yourself if I can do one day, I can do 2 days / a week / month etc

I really hope you keep trying. Try the book, it is only a few pounds, and doesnt take long to read. It really helped me. I have heard of other books that are also supposed to be very good by Alan Carr, but I havent read those.

Keep submitting to the forum and let us know how you are getting on. If you need support, you will find plenty here I am sure.

Day 10 for me tomorrow, reading the enties on this site really helps me and I have my fingers crossed for you. Tomorrow is another day. Take each one as it comes. It is never to late to stop. You didnt smoke many today, so look at that for what it is, a huge achievement in its self. Tomorrow you can do even better.


Are you ready?

Ian is absolutely right about the books, i myself have read alan carr and it never got returned when i leant it out!

However, if you are forcing yourself to quit and it's causing you to beat yourself up, maybe you are not ready just yet.

Set yourself a new quit date, spend the time between now and then preparing for your quit day, find useful hints and tips from websites (such as new hobbies, dumping ashtrays, drinking water oh and those horror sites by people who didn't quit in time are real tear jerking and thought provoking! etc etc. There's loads of tips out there)

Read alan carr and the ASDA CD book, everything you can do to prepare, whilst still smoking (alan carr is designed to read whilst still smoking in prep for quit, he actually asks you not to force it too soon).

Then grasp your quit day with both hands and feel better about the whole thing.

Many people take several attempts to finally give up, you have still smoked less than if you had never tried. There is no set limit to the attempts your allowed!! just never give up giving up.

Buffy x


"you've been smoking for two years, it should be easy to quit". Those two years I was on and still am on 10 a day. It really isn't easy. :\

If this is how you feel after two years of smoking, how much harder will you find it after 20 years of smoking?


go on


You must visit this site - it has tons of information that may help you.

Allen Carr died of lung cancer several years after quitting smoking so don't end up like him - give up now while the damage has not been really done.

Good luck and make preparations for your BIG day!:)


My heart goes out to you. I can't really advise you as I am only on Day 2, after many attempts, but the people here have lots of tips and I find reading through the messages really help. Try reading the one from Carashs in the 6 month + section. Just wanted to write you a message of support really. :)


yeah well its the 15th of march now, back to day one.

I'll try it again.


As was said to me, everyone has a tough time.

You can do it Ethan! I have faith, i'm having just as much trouble, after 13.5 days. I lit up for no reason, haha... back to reliving day 14 for me. And i've learned to use it as a learning experience. Stick to it, it is the best thing you could ever do.



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