I don't want to quit

But I know I have to. I'm a sixteen year old diabetic and my bloodsugar levels are hardly greatly controlled.

I really like to smoke, its just something to. I like satisfying a craving, the feeling you get and I think that is why I'm finding it hard to stop. I'm on 10 a day, or was and at weekends it could reach about forty in the two days because I like to have a drink; when I drink I just chain smoke.

I hope I can do it, I know I need to. This is my first day, its 9.36 and I am already feeling a slight craving. I've been smoking for just over a year so i'm told it shouldn't be that difficult, however i'm remaining skeptical.

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  • Doing great thus far, first three days are the worst ones.

    After three days, It will get easier, the cravings and stuff will still be there to bug the crap out of you, but i promise it will get easier.


  • This will be the best thing that you ever do for your future, you must do it! This site is very good to log onto everyday and read others problems and stories, it does help. Keep going, be strong and you will feel so much better this time next week (and smell nicer too!)

    Good luck

  • Rubymiller's right. This is your future. Don't be like me. This is my first day of quitting (this time around!!) and I've been smoking for 43 years now. Is that how you want to go on? Go for it!

  • I know you seem to enjoy it at the moment, but smoking really will mess your life up. I have been smoking for nearly 30 years, what a waste of money. You may find it really hard at first, but it will be worth it, take it from an oldie.

    You can do this, you really don't need them.:)

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