No Smoking Day
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It can be done - 2 years and don't care how many day's/months! I don't smoke!

The first time that someone offers you a "fag" and you say "No thanks I don't smoke", thats the best and then youv'e cracked it!

I have never posted anything on any of these sites, i've been surfing the net tonight looking for inspiration for a fact sheet that I am doing for work, we're having a theme day at work to promote the new laws that will be coming in, I was given the task as I gave up!

My actual last fag was on 3rd Jan 2005 (10.30pm) and here is my story....

I am 34 and have been smoking at least 20 per day since I was 15/16, usual story, every one else did I so I started, both my parents smoked then although I'd always given them so much grief my mum went mad when she knew i'd started!

In Oct 2004, I started seeing my boyfriend, he hasn't smoked for years so I found I smoked far less when I was with him, although I made up for it when he wasn't around, you know what its like, you puff up the minute they've gone and smoke like a chimney! Anyway I guessed that if I could could smoke less maybe I should give up, this was one of them last minute thoughts and my first ever consideration, hearing all these new laws coming in made me want to give up rather than be told to give up. I limited my last duty free fags, a pack of 20, I spread them out over 3 days and said once they were gone then thats it....

My first day back at work after the Xmas break was hell, I'm a manager in a large Insurance Call Centre, Motor Claims, so it can be fraught at times! Break time was the worst, you break your day up yeah, 1.5 hrs fag, 1.5 hrs lunch time, 2 hrs fag, 2 hrs home yeah, day in day out, instead I still went for my break but took an apple. I love all my friends but none of them thought I would so it! Well I did!

The last 18 months have been the hardest of my life, not because I gave up smoking, despite what has happened, although I came close, I still haven't picked up a fag. My mum died very unexpectidly and suddenly aged 54, I so wanted a fag, but what would change, she wouldn't come back, then 3 months later my aunt died, bless her she puffed like a tropper, even had a 4 heart bypass and still went back on the fags, they got to her in the end and she had a heart attack, I crashed my car and wrote the damm thing off on my way back to work after 3 months off work going through shear hell, and then my dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer (he's in remission now x )

Would you have reached for ya fags? I am so proud not to have smoked, I didn't really think I would last through all that!

I'm terrible now, I hate the smell of smoke and didn't realise just how bad it really does make you smell, all your senses really come back too!

I set up a standing order for £100 per month, although thats less than what I spent a month on fags! I still do that now and its amazing what I have been able to do with that extra money!

I have put on weight, but like my doc said she'd rather I was overweight than smoking. I can honsetly say I've kicked that habit and will never go back to it again.

A few years back I signed up for Race For Life, the first year I walked it, the next few times have power walked, sort of ran, now am fighting to get fit and planning on running it this year, its amazing how much better you can feel.

Good luck to anyone that is trying to give up, it is hard, I won't pretend, although I've forgoten how hard now. I did use patches for the first few weeks, to be honest I still wanted a fag more through habit than the nicotine addiction so I binned em and went cold turkey!

If you want to do it you can, don't give in to it - Good luck!

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Thankyou for that, very inspirational!

Congrats on the quit, you are doing great!



Thank you carashs

Once people have quit and get on with their lives they tend not to give us newbie quitters a second thought any more!!

Thank you so much for dropping by and sharing your story with us, it is truly inspirational. I am just saddened to hear of all you loss and if you pass by again

Please take this big *HUG* from me x x

I hope that I will think twice and post under the 2 year thread when I reach that incredible milestone.

Buffy x x


Brilliant story! Thanks for posting it, maybe you should put this in the "win an ipod" section?


Great Story

Carashs thats a wonderfully touching reflection indeed.......the pity is that there will be another myriad of people with exactly the same story.....and all because of cigarettes!

I personally have been through similar......losing my mum (to BRAIN TUMOUR) and step dad (to LUNG cANCER) within 6 weeks of eachother last year. In my mums last couple of days she asked me to give up the fags and as she concentrated some of her last words on the earth to the subject, I feel I have to DO IT! Have given up for over 4 weeks now and its 12 months in May that she will have passed away, so I aim to be a real no smoker by then!

Thanx for sharing your story....its not easy and unfortunately will be repeated until the fags are irradicated. Good Luck and stay proud!


What an inspiration. I am on Day 2 and you have given me so much hope.

Thank you for taking the time to share your story :)



You're so strong and fearless, that's brilliant.

I'd reach for the fags if I fell over probably, no....seriously.

Well I've gone the first day, its been relatively easy, relative to killing myself that is.

All I can say is congratulations: you're free from that crap nicotine trap that we all get caught in.



Just what I needed

Hey Carashs

Just read and posted on the thread 'The Brian Curtis Story' sitting here on the verge of tears wondering what I'm going to do if my Dad (a heavy smoker) ends up in the same situation- I'm a realistic person and I know the chances of ultimately having cancer through smoking.

But after reading your thread and seeing what you have coped with- and you managed to still not smoke and pull through 18 very hard months, I think I should try to be strong and not defeatist because if/when these things happen it is possible to cope- as you have demonstrated

you have shown amazing courage :o thanks for telling your story


Hi There

I am on day 5 and reading your story has given me hope that indeed it can be done!! I am 30 and have smoked since i was 14 and really dont want to smoke anymore. This forum is great gives me lots of support. So sorry too hear about your awful circumstances but your mum would be soooo proud of you i am not so sure it it was me that i would have been as strong as you have been.

WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jules xx


hi there

you are a true inspiration to all of us!

thank you for taking your time to share that with us all.

greatest respect to you



Wow...I thought the OP in this thread was so inspirational I just had to bump it! Hopefully some of the new quitters will see it...


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