No Smoking Day

The end

Hi every one

I am also determined to stop smoking tomorrow. I have tried so many times and it seems that any excuse, bad day at work, feeling blue or recently Mum being unwell and I will start back on the old ciggies. In reality, these are just excuses. Smoking doesn't make it all better, at my age I must start to believe that. My family are all very supportive everytime I try but I just let myself down. My house smell and so do my cats!!

This time I thought I would pick No Smoking Day. I have my lozenges, joined the forum and looking forward starting afresh, not giving up but starting a new healthy life.

So here is to the end of excuses.

Good luck to everyone


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Good for you

Good for you Sandra - glad to hear it.

On day 21 myself and don't regret the decision for 1 minute.

Best of luck.


My cats wish you luck!


Good luck with quitting - For the sake of ya cats alone!

No matter what life throws at you you can succeed if you want to, if you want a fag, reach for a glass of water instead, also read the Alan Carr book, its fab.

All my mates never thought i'd make it, over 2 years now - Good luck!


You can do it!

Can't wait to hear the exploits of your quitting experience :) With you 100% of the way.



How have you got on, Sandra? Today was my Day 1 (this time) and so far so good. Let us know how it went for you today.:)


How did u do?

Well did you get on.......hope you done well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)


No news is good news?

Good luck! if it hasn't worked for you today there's always tomorrow, never give up giving up!

Buffy x


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