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wish me luck

going bingo tonight with friends who smoke. today is my 6th day so keep your fingers crossed for me, It is so hard to give up on your first day, but even easier to give in to temptation. Started on the patches, but then forgot to put one on on sunday so have decided to go cold turkey. Tonight is a big tester for me. I cant stay away from my friends who smoke forever, so i will have to be strong. Does anybody else out there have these problems and how do you cope. I feel like i am starting a new day at a new school, lol. This is my 3rd attempt my first was for 6 years, I know you dont have to tell me i am mad. My 2nd lasted 3 months. I feel it gets harder when you get older. I feel that when you are a teenager you dont smoke more than 10 aday, sometimes having the same packet for a couple of days, but as you get older your brain needs more nicotine, and you smoke more and soon you are buying 20 aday, and worrying at night when you are getting low. do you agree or disagree LOVE BRIDIE

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Older and smoking less

Hi Bridie

I found that the older I got the less I smoked ..... but then again I've been smoking since I was 12. I'm 37 on Friday.

I smoked about 20 per day from when I was 15 or so right up until last year .....when I thought about giving up everyday. Everytime I lit a cig I felt bad and felt like a failure .... so I smoked less and less and ended up at 10 per day for about a year.

I'm smoke free now for 21 days and I feel great. I'm sure you feel the same

I'm interested to know why you started to smoke again after a 6 year quit - what age were you when that happened.


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