No Smoking Day

D-Day Tomorrow

Well, No Smoking Day tomorrow and I'm going to give quitting another go.

Have been smoking 20+ for 43 years now and can't believe I could possibly be a non-smoker. All that money wasted! Can't really say I'm giving up for health reasons as I feel OK - apart from a nagging cough I've had for the past couple of weeks following a 'virus'. But, I could do wish the extra cash right now.

I Just think that now, coming up 60 next year, it's got to be downhill from here on in and I don't want it to be so maybe if I give up smoking I can 'slow' that downhill journey a bit.

Someone at work suggested waiting until Monday and she would have a go with me, but a drug rep called in today and left samples of patches so I'm taking that as a sign that I should stick with my plan and go for it tomorrow.

:eek: Scary!!

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Go for it

Hi Maggie,

Anytime is a good time to give up the fags. Over a month now for me and certainly dont regret it. Money spent, health and family wasnt even an issue for me as a reason to give up. My main reason is I was fed up being a slave to the fags....hey i couldnt even sleep at night if I knew I had ran out of fags!

So I realise everyone has there own reason but I think eventually it dawns on us all either voluntary or involuntary that us smokers have had enough and want to change things for the better......before the decision is made for us and it becomes to late!

Good luck Maggie......everyone can and should give the fags up!



Best of luck Maggie - on day 21 tomorrow and I cannot stress how beneficial it has been.

There's lots of suppost here and that makes it a lot easier

See you in day 1 tomorrow.



Congratulations on your decision, it will be the most beneficial decision you will ever make. Post often, so we can see how you are doing, we'll be behind you 100%!

Hugs, Vike

.... you can do this! (NOPE = Not One Puff Ever)


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