No Smoking Day


I have been smoke free for 24 days. I was a 2 pack a day for 15 years kinda smoker. I have been meaning to post on here but for no good reason I have not :o . I have been on the patch and totally smoke free for 24 days. When I get cravings or tense I have been going online reading about the bad things smoking does and about the people that have quit. In the begining I found this site about day three and have been reading about geordie and following a bunch of others now like ron and everyone else. So I have realized that you all have been a big help and I wanted to say thank you. Good luck to all!

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Welcome to the forum

Hi Grinfire

nice to see someone else coming in ..... and straight in at 24 days. That's excellent news.

I'm on day 19 now and I feel great.

Did you go cold turkey or did you use NRTs?

Anyway, keep at it. Would imagine that people can learn a lot from your experience



I have been using The patch, The biggest part that helped was finally understanding that it is an addiction and I can't have even a puff! The second is needing to talk or read about it to get me thru it. :D


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