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Made it to Week 2. Another move up in the forum.

Day seven is over here in exactly two minutes. So, Here is what I have to say about that. I have not craved a smoke for more than 10 seconds at a time all day. I feel wonderful. I hate how I used to be. Hell week/glory week is over... guess the name depends on how you look at it. I think it was both... a glorious hell. If I can get through that, like I did, and never want to go through that again, like I don't... I am sure that I will stick to my guns, and no, they aren't smoking guns. I will never inhale, stick on, chew, smoke, ingest, or bathe in nicotine again. I pledge today, as I do every day, to make it 24 more hours. Woot Woot, it is 1201 here, I have made it through my first week officially. Thank you all for being my support. I love it here, and I'll be sticking around until you boot me back out.

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So envious....not that you getting over fags.......just that the fresh air in Canada is far better than here!


Perhaps the fresh air is why I've made it this far?

I though the air in Britain was quite nice too? Guess I may be misinformed. So, have your pubs cleaned their air yet? I heard that was happening at some point. Sure makes it easier to go have a drink when you don't have to put a jacket on to go outside for the sociable stink.

Vike... on a mission to not be a junior member.


1 July Pubs

Nope Viking pubs wont be smoke free till July and air on prairie much better than here, particularly in Alberta, where the buffalo, blue lakes and pure green grass, is enough to persuade anyone to give up smoking!:)


Take care Viking and hang loose- guess we are even making the Atlantic ocean cleaner- none of our fumes are wafting over it.

Stay cool and thimking of u



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