No Smoking Day

I guess my mom raised a quitter

Hey everyone, i'm not sure if its frowned upon for a canadian to be on this site, but I like reading your forums more than the ones in my country. I am on day 3, which i'm treating like day one... fighting each day battle as I get to them, not using any nicotine replacement therapies. I would like to let you know that following some of the exploits of others on this site has helped me make the decision to never take another puff. Cheers, keep it up! We can do this.


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ur welcome as far as I am concerned- the weed knows no boundaries, so welcome to the forum. Not that I am an administrator or anything, just a normal guy who has smoked for a long long time, but using this to help me along the way to being an ex smoker. I do patches and an inhalator, but today have not had any puffs of that.

Ur doing well on cold turkey and would be interested to know how you cope with cravings, which have me crawling up the wall even on NRT.

Ron- UK


Cold Turkey

Welcome to the forum viking. I'm cold turkey too and on day 10 now.

I think this time there are a number of things that are really helping me stay off the fags (fags is another name for cigarettes)

- I have a 2 year old daughter now and want to make sure I'm fit and healthy while she grows up

- I've read Alan Carr's Easyway book which really change my attitude and philosophy for giving up

- I have been thinking about giving up pretty much every day for about 2 years

- I have been cutting down for 1 year - from about 20 per day to nearly 10 per day

- I started jogging about 1 year ago as soon asmy daughter started to run around ....realised that I had to get fit to keep up with her

- This forum seems to be a big help

Anyway - best of luck Viking. Hope Odinn helps you keep off the cigs.


Strategic Pumpkin Seed Chewing

Sweet. The cravings definetly have me jumping out of my skin, but i've started a daily swim regimen as of Jan. 1st, so now that i've quit, i can continue to help my cardiovascular. Pumpkin seeds are my best friend at this time, haha... I thought about using NRT's, but decided if i am going to do this, I will have to meet this head on, and get the nicotine right out of my system. I even had a dream on the night of day two, that I was smoking, and woke up angry with myself. Nicotine is a sneaky bugger. Seems it will do anything to keep control over me.

Last night was tough, I wasn't through the first 72 hours yet, and went to the pub with some of my blokes from way back. They went outside for many ciggies, and even smoked infront of me in an apartment pre-bar. I munched those seeds like i've never munched before. After 10 years of smoking, its neat to see that I already have a slight displeasure in seeing other people topping up their nicotine reserves. Some sites i've been to say that after 3 days, the chemical dependency is gone, and I'm on to habit and triggers now. I guess all I can do is stick with my "never take another puff" philosophy. I hate that I am not smoking, but I really do hate the old me as a smoker much more. I would love to be over a year smoke free, and be able to help the people at that time that would be in the same shoes as me right now. Its going to be the first good summer in ten years, biking, basketball, long walks. I'm stoked. And i'm hoping we can all stay on track and enjoy it together.

Oh ya, Odin does have my back on this one.

-Your friendly neighbourhood smoke free Viking.:D


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