Are there any kidney transplant groups?

Does anyone know if there is any such thing as a transplant meeting group either in person or online where transplant patients who are maybe looking to find a partner can go? When I was on dialysis the thought of finding a partner was far from my mind, but now I have had a transplant I get the feeling I would like to meet a partner. I have joined dating sites but as soon as they find out I have had a kidney transplant I never hear from them again! one woman even said she cant go on a date with me in case I drop down dead! thanks love but anyone could do that, even really healthy people! lol So I was just wondering if there are any groups or websites? Also if any other patients have found a partner how did you go about it? I know there are thousands of people who have had a transplant, surely some of these people are looking for a partner! It just amazes me how hard it is to find someone as soon as you have something wrong with you or are a little different! I would appreciate any help anyone can offer.

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  • Hey kowboy, maybe saying you have had a kidney transplant upfront IS likely to scare off any date. What about getting to know someone well first and, when you are really good friends, then telling them.

  • hey Methusala, thanks for the reply, yes I have tried this but then all I get is "why didn't you tell me from the start"! it seems you cant win! thanks for the reply though.

  • Im sure there is a single out there for you maybe you should put your details on here

  • hey chickenlips, thank you, I never thought of that, think I will give it ago, thank you for the reply and idea.

  • You never know kowboy

  • I cannot believe how people can be i havent had my transplant yet i hope people dont treat me in a different way mind you i dont care about others ignorance its there bad behaviour

  • Just a suggestion, but have you ever been to The British Transplant Games? It's a great place to socialise with other transplantees.

    Take a look at their website

  • Hi Kowboy, and thank you for using the NKF Transplant Community message board. Your questions is certainly a first and very unusual in that it is about Transplantation, yet not - if you understand my point.

    As a one off I am happy to see it here, but if there becomes any sort of trend to turn this board into a dating agancy rather than a board addressing medical Transplant issues - then I am afriad we would have to draw such exchanges to an end.

    All the best and Happy New Year Tim Statham NKF CEO

  • Kidney transplant is not an easy process. However there are many hospitals worldwide that performs this operation with great success. If you are looking for an online website that can help you to get more details about this process then you can look up who has an experienced team of surgeons that could be able to guide you in the right direction.

  • Hi tyreeolds, thanks for the response, I have already had the transplant which although had some problems in the beginning is now working wonderful. What I was looking for was a group where transplant recipients could meet others in the same boat and who wouldn't judge you because you had had a transplant. Thank you for the suggestion however. :)

  • HI, I do not know of any groups, sorry x

  • Hi, 2012kowboy,

    I see your post was placed 3 years ago and I just came across it. I am highly interested in finding a transplant recipient friend. If you are still looking for someone, please reply. I am a female, post transplant recipient, and am currently looking for a life partner or just a friend.

    God bless!

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