After waiting 6yrs i finally got a kidney transplant...which only lasted hours .because the donated organ had hardening of the arteries...following more surgery i went bac on dyalisis were i spent another 2yrs ,,before finally getting the call again .glad to say 4yrs later and this ones back on my feet just to get diagnosed with breast cancer......but i,ll get there

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Oh hun, you really have been through a tough time. I'm coming up to my 8th year post transplant. I have had my fair share of other health problems too and without all the support from my family and friends I don't know how I'd cope. If you find yourself struggling, please don't be afraid of asking for help. The great thing about this forum is that we all now the daily struggles being a transplant patient entails so you really will never be alone. Keep your chin up and try to stay positive. You've come this far xx


Hi Little Kitty, must have been a difficult time for you to find out about the cancer but I am glad your second transplant is going well. Im on my second transplant too (5 weeks now and the first was nearly 5 years. Hope things in 2013 get better for you


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