Share your experiences - become a NKF buddy !

The NKF Helpline provide the buddy service by putting people in touch with other "buddies" who may have experienced similar situations and are happy to talk to other people and the media. If you would like to become a "buddy" for the NKF Helpline then please send an email to and request a register of contacts form.

We look forward to hearing from you all !

4 Replies

  • I've emailed a couple of times asking for a contacts list. I'd quite like to be a buddy as I wish I had someone to help me. can someone please contact me.

  • i am very interested in being a buddy and helping a fellow patient where i can .

  • Im interested in being a buddy as iv been on three different kind of dialysis capd ,apd ,and heomodialysis and home heomodialysis I'd like to help if anyone needs someone to talk to .

  • Please contact the NKF Helpline if you would like to receive a form to become a buddy to another patient or a media contact to help with press enquiries or research groups at

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