My wife is a HHD patient has been dialysing with the NxStage machine since May 2011 on a 5 X per week schedule for approx. 3.5 hours a session. Her monthly blood results are very good and she has had all dietry restrictions removed and only has to take one Phosex 1G with main meals. Also her blood pressure control medication has now been reduced to a very low dose of Atenolol every two days.

This week we will be travelling with the NxStage for a short break for the first time and plan to have one session at the inn were staying at. I'll report later on the success of this plus any difficulties we encounter.

Whilst the NxStage is not suitable for all HHD patients, our experience has been very positive.

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  • I believe NxStage are sponsering the National Kidney Federations Conference which takes place on the 12th to the 14th of October at the Hinkley Island Hotel in Leicestershire, would be worth a visit if any one is thinking of using this machine?

    I have not yet seen one of these machines but some one I spoke to last week says they dont even look like a dialysis machine, they are so small in comparison is that right mikeb?

  • You are correct, NxStage are sponsoring the NKF Roadshow in October. I'm not sure if they will have a machine there but I'd be surprised if not.

    The cycler itself is relatively small, 33 x 44 x 40 cm but weighs 34 kg and it sits on top of a "Pureflow" unit (which contains a water de-ionisation PAK and a tub which holds a SAK containing a 60 L batch of dialysate when it's full), This unit measures 52 x 66 x 62 cm and is on castors.

    It is possible to use the cycler on its own with bagged dialysate as it is "transportable". If you do an internet search on "Dialysis in the Woods" you will be able to watch a video which shows a lady setting up and dialysing with the NxStage cycler whilst camping with her family. This will give you a better idea of what the machine looks like. You can also do a search on NxStage to get more information. Hope this helps mrspick.

  • As MikeB indicates you can find data on the NxStage m/c by visiting either their website or that of Kimal the NxStage agent in the UK

    You should also find that other users and hospitals that support NxStage will assist with information and demonstrtion of the m/c if requested

    A big advantage with NxStage is its green credentials as it uses only 20 or 30 liters per dialysis session compared to the hundreds used by other m/c's and in the home there is less user iotems to store, thereby minimising space in your sialysis area

    Due to its weight I find portability questionable

  • Our first experience of traveling with the NxStage went very well indeed. We stayed at a small hotel in North Wales (Llanarmon) and the hotel staff couldn't have been more helpful. Whilst my wife only needed one dialysis session, apart from the cycler itself, we also had to take 2 1/2 boxes (25 litres) of bagged dialysate plus a medium sized holdall for connecting tubing, drain tubing, needles, saline, guauze, gloves, syringes and tape etc. so it became patently obvious that, for an extended period away, the need to have bagged dialysate delivered to a hotel in advance is paramount unless you possess a large estate car or a trailer. Another potential issue is the disposal of the clinical waste, which we brought home with us on this occasion but again, for an extended stay, alternative arrangements would be required eg.. taking it to a local hospital or setting up a collection with the local authority.

    Despite these issues, the advantages of dialysing in a hotel are the same as for home dialysis ie. the flexibility of which day(s) and time of day that dialysis can be conducted. It just takes a bit more planning.

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