E coli

Hi all , just joined your group. I donated to my daughter in 2011 . All ok but she is constantly getting E. coli . The antibiotics are becoming more resistant each time . Does anybody have any tips to get rid of this or control it

Thanks Anne

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  • When my husband had his transplant (I donated my kidney) he was given very strict dietary advice to help avoid any infections e.g. avoid barbecues, don't buy food from deli counters, thoroughly wash salads and veg, make sure meat poultry etc. are thoroughly cooked. I presume you have been following similar guidelines.

    I suggest you contact the dietitians at your Renal Unit for advice.

    Glynis B

  • I agree with the above advise .... but don't forget that strict personal hygine is MOST important. I've been there, thought I was fastidious but have upped my personal care and , so far no further infection for over a year now. Basic but it helped me!

  • Yes agree with the other two comments, however I also got advice with regards to foods that sit already cooked within jamborees etc, which can cause bacteria to us recipients, and with regards to personal hygiene, agree it's imperative you keep your hygiene to a very high standard to avoid ecoli. Hopefully this settles down down for you. Keep well. Take Care

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