No nephrectomy!

Hello, After a roller-coaster few weeks, the decision was made to leave my transplant in situ for now. The surgeon felt that my doubts about the operation and the fact that my kidney was relatively stable at the moment means that I can carry on as I am.

Just need careful monitoring and hope I avoid infections for a while! Fingers and everything else crossed!

Many regards, Tashe.

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  • Great news. Just be good over the temptations of Christmas .......boring but better than the alternative! Thoughts and prayers are with you.

  • Good luck and keep obeying the rules - and smiling!

  • Happy new year. Thanks for thoughts... I'm keeping well for me! Kidney dipped to 9 gfr and returned to 14 so I feel quite well. Latest opinion of specialists is that my native kidney is source of infection! Nephrostogram tomorrow to see and then possible removal..

    Keeping positive. Hope you're well. Regards, Tashe

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