3rd Kidney transplant

Hi I had my 3rd transplant just over 6mths ago and have developed a lump near the scar its hard and tender to touch Im thinking it maybe a hernia as they put my new kidney on top of my 1st transplanted kidney just wondered if anyone else has had this problem.......thanks

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  • Hello, I have had 2 hernias but don't recognise your description. The first appeared about 5 years ago when I was diagnosed with kidney failure. The second started last year after my transplant. Both were soft lumps which disappeared when I lay flat on my back. They were pain free apart from sometimes pressing on clothes. Both were fixed with surgery to sew them up into the stomach wall.

    After my transplant I had a harder protusion just above the transplant kidney. Ultrasound showed this was the ileum being pushed out by the kidney.

    I would definitely ask for tests to give you peace of mind. My lump settled down and disappeared as all the internal organs readjusted to having a kidney put in !

    Best wishes and hope you get a simple explanation

    Tashe x

  • Thanks for your reply Tashe went the other day and the surgeon thinks its one of the knots from the dissoluble stitches having an ulta sound to be sure so hoping thats all it is........

  • Hope so too. Let us know how it goes..

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