Transplant complications

Hi All

I'm 7 months post-transplant and have had little respite from medical problems and interventions.  I have had a nephrostomy (with bag) since Christmas Eve and a uretic stent since January, which constantly cause infections.  I have been on antibiotic IV infusions twice daily for 3 weeks and whilst this has very slowly brought down infection markers my kidney function has steadily declined from 46 ex Gfr in January, down to 26 yesterday. I am having an operation next Wednesday to transplant my native ureta into transplant kidney and my bladder (and to mend a hernia along the way!)

Has anyone any experience of any of these complications ? Or can anyone offer me hope that a positive outcome is possible ?

I'm not anxious or depressed but it gets difficult to face another big operation.

Thanks for reading this


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  • So sorry to hear of the problems Tashe.  You certainly seem to be having more than your fair share.   I hope all goes well on Wednesday, and maybe others will reply who have had similar experiences.  Let us know how it goes.  All good wishes, Wendy. 

  • Thanks wendyannd

    Just had my morning infusion - and preop.  yesterday seemed okay. I'll be in hospital for 1-2 weeks post op and I'll let you know how it goes.

    Does seem after 2 rejection episodes (6weeks in hospital) post transplant and 5 biopsies that I'd thought this year would be easier - but I haven't lost all hope !!


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