20 years and still going strong

I've had my kidney transplant (live donated from my mother) for 20 years. I had my transplant when I was 12 years old. I'm now 32 and managed to build an amazing career. Working in pharmaceuticals really allows me to give back to all the doctors and patients that benefit from Modern medicines.

It's my first time blogging, it would be a great pleasure to meet like minded people. Please feel free to ask me questions or just a hello.


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  • You and your mother are a great inspiration to others. I hope the kidney I altruistically donated recently will be equally successful.

    Good luck to you, Rodger

  • Hi Rodger,

    Thank you for your comment, when did you donate your kidney? Wishing you all the best. If I can offer any tips please let me know. Being a donor is such a selfless act, I commend everyone who's part of such a special community.

    I've been through my fair share of trials and tribulations, but through will power and amazing support I've manage to live to tell the tale.

  • Is great to read success stories like yours! Makes me feel happy and with hope 😀

  • Hello, I too am celebrating 20 years with a transplant this year. We are doing a fund raising walk in our village with family and friends in aid of the PKD Charity. be encouraged anyone of the older generation (I am 74). However the kidney unit at Devon and Exeter hospital have taken fantastic care of me and I owe them a lot. May we both keep our kidney for many years to come.

    Well done you. Wendy

  • 74? wow you are a true inspiration. Hope the fund raising went well?

    Sending you positive blessings that all our kidneys continue to give us the quality of life.

    Well done to you as well Wendy :)

  • Hi, aren't mums fantastic Miss A-V-P? Received mine from my mum 26 years ago and still going strong :0)

    I've worked in various care services, learning disabilities, elderly and end of life care. I aim to give the same care & support I received. I've been so lucky but others don't have that opportunity :0( x

  • Congratulations Tracey, hope you are feeling well? and looking after yourself.

    Agree we are very fortunate, least you are able to give back to the community :)

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