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Hi i have recently had the news that my mum is able to donate a kidney to me, the thing is her blood type isnt a match but i have been told that it can still go ahead but i would need an injection to clear my blood and then a procedure like dialysis a week before the translant to clear the the dead cells. My question is has anyone else gone throught this if so how bad is it ?

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  • Hi Nicola - I had a ABOi transplant in April 2013. I was able to have a kidney from my father, who was a different blood type from me. The 'work up' process is different. Like you say, a week before the transplant you need to go through Plasma Exchange. It is similar to haemodialysis, in as much as your blood is 'flushed' through a machine for your plasma to be extracted, then plasma matching your mum's will be added to your own blood before being put back in to you. Sounds harsh but it's OK - may make you a little queazy but just ask for some anti sickness pills before they start. I had 3 prior to my transplant & 3 post transplant. I am so grateful that the advancement in science has enabled this process to take place - without it, I may still be on dialysis and not living the life I currently am. It's so worth a little discomfort for you to be able to get your life back!! All the best and take care

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