2 questions.. Q1 - how long did you have to wait for foreign travel after transplant?

I've heard some people say 6 months, thought my husbands consultant said 6 months also but then we spoke with another Doc at a separate appt and he said at least a year. Transplant not on the cards for a few more months and understand it just depends on the after effects but just wanted to get a bit of an idea

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  • I had my transplant last October and have just had 2 weeks abroad without problem. I was told it's approx. 6 months, but it depends on the individual, and whether the hospital agree that you are fit to travel. If you do travel, please make sure you have a letter from the hospital stating that you are fit to go, and also describing your condition and the medication you are on. This is important just in case you do have a problem while abroad. Also, make sure that you have adequate travel insurance. There are a number who specialise in people with kidney disease/transplant recipients.

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    I was told a year and I believe this is the average advice. It does depend on how well you are and if you have any complications. It is also based on travel insurance. If you go abroad before the year is up it is even more extortionate than normal. Whatever you do please make sure you have adequate insurance cover such as Mungo also suggested as the last thing you want is to have no insurance.


  • I just got discharged after mine on Monday and was told about 9 months but that's also after a lot of complications so it could be less for most people. I would always check with the hospital first though and remember to be careful with insurance :) Hope you have a nice time!

  • I was told 12 months, so I went to Australia the following year, no problems! Just make sure you get the right insurance ( freedom are very good for this) and a letter from your tx clinic saying what you had done, when and the meds you are on to carry with you. Also, you must carry your meds in your hand luggage in original packaging ( boxes), which is a bit of a pain!

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