Has anyone had a transplant from a different blood group?

I am 18 and due to that as well as the fact I seem to become unwell very regularly now I am on dialysis, my consultant is very eager to get me a transplant quickly that will last as long as possible. I am on the list ut they also worked up my biological father to donate who then changed his mind and have recently been testing my uncle, although it now looks like his kidneys may not be functioning well enough for this to be possible.

Now, he is looking at (if my uncles kidneys are definitely not good enough, which we should find out soon) possibly giving me a kidney from my mum, who was originally ruled out due to her blood group being AB+ whilst mine is B+. I know this is possible and trust my consultant greatly (he's amazing!) but I was already nervous about the idea of a transplant and this seems even more scary and likely to have complications.

I spent the last couple of nights in hospital and tried to ask my consultant about it tomorrow but stupidly ended up crying, which was embarassing! I'm sure he'll tell me more when we know if that is our only remaining option but I was wondering if anyone else has gone through this?

Thanks, sorry about rambling!

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  • Hi, young girl, if I were only 18 years old I'm sure I would have been in lots of tears every day thinking about the possibility of transplantation, and will it work if your mum has a different blood group, but this is not such a great problem today. The advances I have seen in the 12 years since I became a kidney patient are HUGE ! Luckily I was offered a cadaveric transplant 5 years ago which has so transformed my life I forget I am a kidney patient - even though I have to daily take anti- rejection pills for as long as my transplanted kidney survives.

    I look forward one day to reading on this site you have had a transplant and are busy riding your beautiful horse everyday and getting on with "normal" life. The Force be with you xx

  • Thanks for your lovely comment :) I'm sorry it's taken me so long to reply, I've been back in hospital for the last week. It's reassuring to hear that this is no longer anything to worry aout and to hear success stories from other people who have had transplants! Take care xx

  • Hi

    Yes i have had a transplant from a different blood group, i am a negative and my sister is ab positive which is rare, i have had my transplant 14 years ,so please try not to worry and i am sure your consultant or transplant cordinator will reassure you with any concerns you have.I have known a few transplant patients a simular age to you and they are all doing fine ,so i wish you all the luck and good wishes for your future

  • Wow it's great to hear from someone who's already been there, thanks! Good luck to you too x

  • Hi Justagirl.

    I was on dialysis for about a year and had my transplant in October. Fortunately I was very well on dialysis (CAPD) and had got into a nice routine. I was having second thoughts about having a transplant, but when the day came, I was remarkably calm (still can't explain that one). Don't worry about shedding the odd tear, it's perfectly OK, and as a 62 year old, I will confess to you now that I have shed a few. I had my transplant in October, and now my kidney function is within normal range (Creatinine 106 at last blood test). It has changed my life, and will yours. I hope my few words help to reassure you. Good luck, and I'll be thinking of you.

  • Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you, I ended up back in hospital aga

    in (I seem to end up with a lot of secondary problems due to dialysis). Hopefully I will be as calm as you were on the day, usually I am okay once I know what's going to happen it's the not knowing which is frustrationg me! We're hoping it won't be much longer now. Thank you for the comfort and I hope your transplant continues to work well for a long long time :) xx

  • Hi, sorry to hear you were in hospital again - I hope they managed to sort things out ok. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you, and hope you get that transplant as soon as possible. Thank you for the lovely words - it was very much appreciated. Keep your chin up, and stay positive, that's today's message. xx

  • P.S. Rambling is OK too!!

  • Hi,

    Not sure if you're still on dialysis or not. If you've not had your transplant yet, don't give up! I was on dialysis from 2008 - 2013 & had an incompatible transplant from my Dad on the 13th April 2013. All is good & I've not looked back.

  • Have just read your story I too found out I had complete kidney failure a few months before my 18th and I cant tell you how many tears I cried......but I was lucky and my Mum gave me her kidney which was not a great match but worked for 8yrs I then had another transplant from the donor list that was 25yrs ago I havent looked back Ive had a fab time and lived a very full life and still going strong hope this gives you a bit of hope.......

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