Has anyone else not been sure about having a transplant?

My uncle has lots of tests done and I think it's pretty close to him being able to give me one but everything just seems to have happened so quickly, my uncle tells my mum and even if I ask she doesn't give me much information so I only hear what,s going on occasionally when my consultant hears from his.

I was already scared, I'm comfortable and happy at the minute, the dialysis nurses are a big part of my life and I don't want everfything to change again. I know this sounds silly and selfish but it's true, I'm 17 and I'm sick of things changing.

Did anybody else feel like this?

Please don't just say that a transplant is for the best, everyone seems to think that but it doesn't change how I feel. I really hope you guys understand a bit more!

Thankyou :)

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  • Hi justagirl,

    I am 38 and will be getting my hubby's left kidney next wednesday the 10th of april. I must say here in london my team has been amazing an explained everything very clear and they also kept me involved all the time.

    I am very lucky because i have never been in dialysis, that is what they all keep telling me.

    I feel i can't really say i am not looking forward to the transplant since it would sound like i don't apreciate his sacrifice or what it will mean for me and us as a family with two teenagers, but is true,,, i am not really looking forward.

    I guess deep inside i know how lucky i am and also that otherwhise dialysis would be just around the corner. But i think my fear is just stronger.

    Even if everyone keeps telling that a transplant is the best thing you could ever have it doesn't mean you will be jumping out of happyness because of it.

    It might sound disrespectfull towards the donor but i think is normal to be worried and afraid as a recipient.

    Loads of things will be happening and in most we don't have any control.

    It will be a life time of antirejection meds with the side effects, more visits in the begining for check up and so on.

    But on the other side, i can tell you many years ago i saw my dad going from 3 years in dialysis to having a transplant that lasted him 7 years before he died from heart problems and his life just changed completely.

    I guess what i tried to say with all this is that i understand very well what you mean and that fear will always be there. Sometimes we are happy with how things are the way they are because we can have them under control.

    But in our case, is true, and i am sure after all that in a few months i will confirm to you, that the transplant is the best solution to our illness at the moment.

    I really hope you will be having the chance of experiencing it for yourself and that very soon you will be happy too with having a transplant.

    Good luck!


  • Thankyou so much, it's nice to know I'm not the only person who feels like this! I know it's selfish and that just makes me feel worse but I'm scared, it's a lot to get your head around!

    So so much good luck for your transplant :) I hope it goes amazingly and that you feel more confident and ready the closer the time comes!

    Good luck straight back!


  • justagirl hi my names james I have been having haemodialysis for four years now & to say that its been hard is an understatement what can anyone say go for transplant if you can dialysis is nasty you don't want to be captured on that hell,your young so you youth on your side go for it make sure your consultant keeps you informed about everything if you don't understand something then ask again again.How you feel is down to you!! I wont lie to you you are on a tough road make no mistake of that!! but with strength will determination you can do it all depends on you.I have had dialysis in 3 hospitals & my nurses haven't been that great & I don't have any family well my family are around but there not interested they don't give me any time so im totally on my own & it gets lonely & frustrating to the point where ive contemplated suicide as a way out so go toward a transplant for a new life,take care.

  • I'm sorry it's been so hard for you! I've already been on hospital haemo for a year and a bit after being diagnosed at end stage with no warning last february. I know I should be feeling better about possibly getting a transplant, I know it's selfish, but I can't help it. Keep being brave and I hope things get better for you as I'm sure they will :)

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