Have anybody felt shock on your legs . Feels like litlle thumders and small amplitude and later is getting more bigger

For the last 2 weeks ive been feeling horrobles headache but looks like something is moving about on my right part of my head. Some times the pain will easy off but sometimes is there and is taking all my concentration . Now on my left thin at the beginning just at night when i go to bed i started to feel this litlle thumders kind of thing in the side of my thin . At the beginning the area were i felt was small but now is getting bigger and i can fell this king of thumder happening on my thin at any time . It is painfull and i jump whe it happens

Did anybocy felt this before and what does your doctor said

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  • What? This makes little sense!

  • Sorry.the question is if someone ever feel a kind of shocks helping on the legs .

  • Yes, I do. Sometimes, when I can't get to sleep, I can feel my calf muscles tense, and then I get an involuntary "Jerk" which can be quite strong - it feels like someone has given me an electric shock, and my whole body jerks.

    The strange thing is that it also happens when I am sleeping (I only know this because my wife has told me); My doctor says it is restless leg syndrome, but having read the description of that, I am not so sure. I have been trying to see if the jerking is tied in to any eating pattern - and it seems like I suffer a lot more from the nastier kidney symptoms when I have any quantity of protein in the evening, during my supper. I try to have early supper ( 6 o'clock in the evening), and as little protein as possible.

    I don't know if that is of any help, but that is what seems to be happening to me.

  • Think your talking about restless leg syndrome . It can be a regular side effect of having a renal problem , Some gp's prescribe quinine for this others don't regard it as enough of an issue to prescribe anything for it , But it can hinder getting a good nights sleep .

  • Hello Crisgi

    You need to get you headaches checked out they sound terrible, as for the leg prob if it is restless legs I have it all the time. I find that Tonic water helps have a large glass as soon as i get any symptoms and it seems to help.

    Good Luck and stay strong.

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