Recurrent Kidney infections, pain , possilble stone?

Hi everyone

Just jouned this group today.

I have been hospitlalised twice with severe kidney infections- last sep and the end of last month. I was in horriffic pain, throwing up, feeling that someone was ripping my guts out.

I seem to have pain for a long time after. Burning pain around my hip bone, and a bruised feeling in my stomach. I already have fibro but this pain is only concentrated in this area. This time I have had pain after discharge from the hospital on the 28th of jan., with seven days of co-amoxiclav. I have been ref to urology but haven't had a letter yet. My GP says it could be stones or inflammation of the kidneys. I had to go to out of hrs yesterday beacause I felt unwell again and they found some luekocytes and a tiny bit of blood in my urine. they gave me a couple of days worth of antibiotics and have sent away a sample to be tested.

I am taking Tramadol for the pain which I take for my fibro but have had to up my dose.

Any advice or experience would be appreciated.

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  • Ouch, could be stones. Pain in the hip area sounds like stones and bruised feeling in the stomach as the stone is making its way down the ureter. I had pain in my side and what felt like period pain then passed a stone. Hopefully if they find something in your sample, you will hear something pretty soon. Ring them on Tuesday if you havent heard tomorrow, but if they have no results it may just be that they are trying to grow something to see if there is an infection and give you appropriate anti-biotics x

    Let us know how you get on and don't worry xx

  • Hi googie

    thanks for the response.

    I have just had an infection- - I hope it has gone away. I cannot understand why the antibiotics I've just had might not have killed the infection.

    Just want to get to the bottom of it and get treatment if it is stones!

  • Angleofhope, I have in the past had to have more than one dose of antibiotics to clear an infection. Good luck and I hope you feel better soon.


  • Sometimes they have to find the the right anti biotic. I went through a couple of them before they started to clear up my infection when I was hospitalised, and even the one that did it took a while to kick in. They were going to stop giving it to me, but doctor told them to give it another few days as my "markers"were going down and it worked. So hang in there xx

  • thanks everyone.

    Phoned up GP surgery for results but they aren't in yet. The extra antiobiotics I was given run out tommorow. Have to phone again tommorow afternoon. The pain has decreased a bit.

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